How can we take what we have today, and make it something we want tomorrow? NENDO

Nendo ist eine Designfirma gegründet in Tokyo im Jahr 2002 von Oki Sato (geboren in Kanada im 1977, Architektur-Doktorat bei Waseda Universität). Das Ziel dieser Firma ist Projekte auszuführen, die das Publikum durch vielfache Disziplinen, wie Architektur, Innenarchitektur, industrielle Produkte und graphisches Design erstaunen. Nendo hat das Büro in Mailand in 2005 gegründet.

Born from the Japanese word ‘clay’, Nendo is synonymous with designer Oki Sato. Born 1977 in Toronto, Canada, his designs and his studio have become an expression of minimalist concepts that arouse Proustian moments thanks to detailed elements making his work a design of iconicity.

In 2009, Oki Sato was chosen to work with Arketipó bringing his unique vision to a range called DECOBOCO. Characterized by a linear, simple design, DECOBOCO was a way to illustrate that sofas could have alternations in height and function, whilst remaining soft and playful.


DECOBOCO sofà; designed by Nendo


On the left_ EDA coat hanger; designed by Nendo.
On the right_ MOYA side table; designed by Nendo.

His design concept was taken into new possibilities with EDA – coat hanger connected to a vase that re-imagined the use of chopsticks; MOYA which re-designed glass table tops to appear without a shadow and LINK a side table with two orthogonal arches joined at a single point, creating a visual spectacle.



But it is with the latest object, TARGET that showcases what could be achieved by playing with tiny design elements to illicit new concepts of form and intrigue. TARGET remains an iconic feature to this day. A bookcase that does not shy away from intrigue but moreover makes you want to discover more. For every cross that is placed in the MDF structure, a somewhat cruel yet pleasing illusion appears, crosses appear to multiply for each book placed on every level, evoking an infinite space between each area. An instant design classic.

“Function is important but in the end it’s all about emotions.”