2020 COLLECTION – balance between restyling and originality

Design is a forever changing dichotomy; where spaces come together and objects exemplify a new raison d’etre. It is why this space showcases what design can be; a way that leads to a purposeful creativity and exploration that turn spaces into a new way of thinking and living.
This is where our designers get to showcase their vision, where our makers get to share their ability. Ours is about vision that can turn into a physical property; here is where you will discover what design can be looking forwards into a new reality.

Arketipo is proud to present its New Products for 2020, including some remarkable restyled successful products such as the Starman Dream bed, the evolution of the namesake sofa, as well as extensions to the range, including the new element of the Auto-reverse sofa which is now a timeless classic.
The offering is completed by the Bond and Freedom armchairs and the Chimera coffee table.

Starman Dream, bed – design Ludovica + Roberto Palomba

Connections, they are important. They provide an everlasting point between two or more ideas and concepts, these connections make what we do more than just a design principle – they are a reason to punch through our limitations and conceptualise something greater.
Starman is where our connection to Starman Dream begins; the later captures the elements that made the sofa the design feature it has become. Aggressive and powerful contours, curved lines coupled with contrasting material feels and concepts. In short, what we have created are two products with a clear connection to one another, that connection is about interior life – and living it uniquely.
Starman Dream is about that connection to something we can all imagine, it’s time we started dreaming bigger.

Freedom, armchair – design by Giuseppe Viganò

Freedom, a basic right in design and beyond.
We live in a time where freedom has never been more discussed. Where the possibility to express, to choose, to live a life you wish to have without any kind of associated reason. Freedom is what we crave on our psychological, spiritual and physical level.
It’s why our latest design from Giuseppe Viganó is a manifestation of the later. We must never be held back on what we can achieve in interior style and how we physically interact with the objects that fill our lives as well.
Low back, diamond-shaped seat, metal structure to support its soft and sinuous lines. “Freedom” in name and in fact.

Bond, armchair – design by Dainelli Studio

Bond, a name that serves.
If ever a name could conjure an image of unabashed coolness, Bond would be it. A name that for 60 years has represented what it means to be seen, and what it feels like to be paid attention towards. Bond thus, is a statement of our mind, a perception of what we search for in ourselves if we could be the things we wanted to be without question.
Like it’s name, our armchair wants to make you be seen. There is nothing which hasn’t been thought of. From the sartorial elegance to the strong masculine lines, nothing has been left to chance.
How would Bond fit into your life? A book, some jazz and a Negroni because, why not?

Chimera, small tables- design by Dainelli Studio

Chimera, anything but an illusion.
In Chimera we have created something that encapsulates design, one that is a vision transmitted through a pen that never leaves the paper. That is Chimera, just like the mythical Greek creature ours is a vision of different forms.
Made of curved and hammered smoked glass, the table amazes with the sinuous shape of the top that curves in three strategic points so as to cradle the structure that supports it. The special processing of glass means that the light can play and create the illusion of waves rippled by the wind.
Available in three different heights for multiple choreographic compositions.