We sometimes forget to take a moment to cherish what makes our past collections so special. It is why in our new catalogue we have gone one step further.

We have cast a new eye, dusted off the lens, and gone all out to capture our timeless classics in two different surroundings.

In these locations we re-discovered how our pieces can co-exist in different environments; a testament that our craftsmanship and design principles can belong anywhere.

It was in the Italy of Nature where we focused on the mountains and the forests and where we found inspiration from Nordic design discipline yet, an appreciation of our own ideas and vision. Our classic furniture reflected a style that was minimal whilst warm, subtle whilst welcoming. We played with contrasts of materials and creative thinking to highlight the artisan and personalities. Our pieces reflect Italy but relate to the modernist design values of the world we live in today.

And it was in the Italy of Industry where that versatility saw us capture a zen-inspired living philosophy, formally acknowledging the design doctrine of the East. Our timeless classics punched through the precision-led ambiance to bring warmth and softness, a subtle design ethos backed by industrious concepts.

From materials to colours, philosophies to visions we understand that our pieces are more than just where they end up living, they become the personality of the home that you are creating. We endeavour to make products that look beyond what is present and give an idea into the sustainability of not only the materials we choose but also a design ideology that will stand the test of time.