A Bedtime Story…

We spend one third of our life in our beds. That is roughly 229,961 hours – on average. There are some who famously spend less, world leaders spring to mind. Then there are those who consider sleep to be the most important asset our bodies require.

It is the latter that we must learn from. Because it is in sleep, that we become the people that we are. We dream. We dream of places we have been, and those we want to discover. We dream of people in our past and to mysterious beings which inhabit our subconscious.

It is in sleep that Paul McCartney heard the chords to, Yesterday. It was in his bedroom that Einstein coined the Theory of Relativity and it was in his feverish dream that James Cameron created the iconic, Terminator.

Sleep is then important, and how we sleep, and where we sleep has become more of an art and science than it has ever been. So, what makes a bedroom stand out?

It starts with a bed

The bed is arguably the most important part of any bedroom. It is here we rest our bodies, peacefully and sometimes, not so. Style is essential, we will spend a third of our lives here remember; our bedrooms have got to look special.

Style is essential

Style is something that Ludovica + Roberto Palomba know. They did not idly wait for inspiration when they created this beautiful Starman Dream in grey aniline leather. Its imposing shape, its ability to disturb the natural order stand out in a room that is punctuated with contrasts of gray, white and purple.

The soft leather, the mottled gray effect, the two-tone pillows in both colour and size; this is a bed that is screaming, “here you can dream”.

It is the delicate touches though…

When we take a bedroom and think about the things that can add a sense of style freedom, we need to consider the delicate touches.

Firstly, we need light. We need something that provides a unitary element of warmth into a room when the night closes in. This room is the perfect location for Képi. Its sober and classical interpretation sits in this neo-contemporary room. The contrast of colour and shapes match with the ambiance and its understated presence sits amongst the other stars in this living space.

Its sober and classical interpretation

Marble need not be cold

It is in the final pieces of the room that we discover where marble has a place in the bedroom. From the console to the side table, Douglas does not hold back in its contemporary style. Finished in Niveo White, it displays a versatility that few could hold in this room.

The mixture of metal and marble could seem cold but here, amongst the white and gray finishes, they sit in complete unity, enriching the environments and making us consider the space we live in with practicality and nuance.

Consider the space we live

This bedroom is a nod to a time before our memories could serve, where elegance was soft and understated. Everything from materials, texture and colour has been given a contemporary lift.

It is in the bedroom we dream, so why not dream of a bedroom where we can tell our own stories when we sleep.