BROWN SUGAR – colour, style and details

Furnishing a living room in an original and creative way may appear an arduous task, but with Arketipo style, it won’t take much effort! Sometimes even just an armchair or a “signature” chair are enough to change the look of their surroundings completely. The living room is among Arketipo’s favourites where, by combining its eternally contemporary style with classic-feel solutions, the brand manages to convey an unmistakable look to every corner of the sitting room, living room or study.

A remarkable combination of materials and colours is one of the strengths of Arketipo, which, like an ancient alchemist − or perhaps one could use the term magician − always manages to strike the perfect balance of different and somewhat apparently antithetical characters.

The Brown Sugar sofa is an emblematic example of masterful material processing. Made of nubuck − a hide with a velvety texture that is extremely enjoyable to touch − it oozes elegance at first glance, whatever its surroundings.

The Monterrey armchair guarantees unrivalled comfort levels thanks to its generously sized enveloping backrest. The 100% cotton velvet cover lends it a soft-touch feel

The Moon Invaders coffee tables enhance the appeal of any setting, with their attractive mix of marble, leather and metal. They were devised to mesmerise and satisfy any requirements in the living room.

The Lith console is part of a large family devised to complete the furnishings of the living room efficiently. It can be placed with equal ease in the sitting room as an item of interior décor or even as a signature piece in an entrance hall or lobby.