Capitonné – A Choice Of How To Live

If you ever found yourself tested to conjure the images that would represent a Dickens Novel or the stories of Sherlock Holmes, what would come to mind? What would scream out to you in the most vivid shapes, textures, colours and form?

Take a moment to move away from the chimney laden streets and the dreariness of Victorian fog filled alleyways to think of interiors. Think of what the idea of a historic British sitting room would look like.

Distinctive design was everything. Accents would hold rooms and a guests attention, whilst detail was designed to enhance textures and patterns. In that way, design was a way to showcase to those looking in, just who we thought we were, and where we thought we belonged.

A style as distinctive as the capitonné would be found, one that requires few if any descriptions thanks to its inherent design features. As described by Webster’s Dictionary,  “to pad from caption silk or linen flock or a sleeve silk that gives a padded texture and effect”.

Windsor is capitonne for the modern age, as suited to today’s interior armoury as those of the 19th Century, finding place in today’s ever more minimalist designs to grandiose visions of interior decoupage. Whether it’s an apartment in Vienna to a mansion in Belgravia, the distinct style of what capitonne offers flows through every stitch and fiber.

In Windsor we have captured the past and brought it into a vision of the present. We call it,

“A modern masterpiece that understands the balance between British austere elegance with new-age form and structure.”

Handmade, expertly crafted, a vision of modern elegance. Our homage to a style that asks for the best as a minimum.

We carry this throughout the exclusive range of furniture with the same name. Windsor Dream, a style that understands there is no such thing as compromise, especially on style as distinctive as capitonne allows you to be.

“Where you live doesn’t matter, how you choose to live does.”