Comfort in Privacy

Step back nearly 40 years and the world was very different. Europe was a different place altogether. In the seismic cultural changes that were set to be unleashed following the fall of the iron curtain, nothing would be the same.

Today, Poland houses some of the most cutting edge interior visualisations of modern living; a far cry from the restrictive past it and the people were forced to embody. Today,  geometry and industrial chic are their own design philosophy. The vision is thus Eastern Industry.

Comfort in privacy

Instructed by the designers for the need of privacy, this 120 sqm apartment (& near 100sqm terrace) located in Warsaw & situated in the middle of a sizable housing estate needed to reflect both a private life and a life which would allow others to relax in a space that felt open and never intrusive.

Weronika Kotlarska, an interior designer and a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw had to strike this balance, and create a theme which could navigate the owner and guests into a sense of liberty and privacy capturing the Eastern Industry philosophy.

Showcasing Design

The open plan living allows the owner and guests the chance to mingle, relax and importantly, showcase this design philosophy. In choosing Giuseppe Viganò Auto-Reverse, it’s more than choosing an elegant piece of furniture, it’s one that allows you to play with form and style – it shapes the environment you and your ideological mindset are free to explore.

That exploration is then amplified in the colours of the room, the materials chosen. Tuscan leather for the sofa and armchair, dark, neutral colours in the curtains, light rails and slate floor and a mixture of glass and wood to warm up and create vastness in a small yet liberated space.

Creating A Unique Stance

In going for an industrious look, omitting comfort could be an easy omission, but in choosing Jupiter by Mauro Lipparini, this has been avoided. Whilst it’s fibre-glass shell fits the design brief, the feather blocks to soft leather make this unique design, the perfect accompaniment to the room when adding the footstool, comfort is once again revisited without compromise.

And what to say of Stijl? A product design that screams the new Eastern Europe design theology, geometry. It is thoroughly Italian in every principle yet, it shares a home with a different design school, one that rewards the crystal, cement and wooden materials that make it, adding texture and flow to the final product and the room itself.

Never forgetting the accent piece

Eastern industry thus lives amongst the realm of other design schools; it is without exception a style that meets the criteria of other schools of thought. In doing so, accenting a room is required, and it is in the study that one chair does just that.

Twiggy, part retro flavour, part chic fashion style. From the velvet padded back to the piping around the perimeter, this is about a unique take on furniture design, like the rest of the house, one that fits no norms. In choosing this, the owner has made a statement about his own design philosophy and one that we can all admire.

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WK Interiors Weronika Kotlarska

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