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Cuscino di piuma

Let’s discover together the special world of feathers through a detailed story to discover the secrets behind a perfect pillow.

Feather and down, two different products

It is important to specify how, over the years, the Italian language has contributed to misunderstandings about the meaning of the words “feather” and “down”. This problem does not exist in the English language because it has two distinct words (down and feather), while the Italian terms are very similar.
There is a substantial difference in the physical construction: the down has a three-dimensional character, in fact it is made of filaments that, starting from a central point branch out in three directions. Feather instead has a two-dimensional character, consisting of a central rachis (also called stem) from which all the filaments of the feather start.

Moreover weight is a substantial difference between the two materials.

Down has the physical characteristic of being impalpable and, thanks to its structure, it is able to occupy all the space at its disposal, making it an excellent insulator.

Feather, on the other hand, looks like a real natural spring, which guarantees a perfect filling of the cushion for a unique characteristic that no other synthetic material has ever managed to match.

An ethical choice in order to give a second life

differenza tra piuma e piumino
Piume e piumini per archetipo Firenze

A careful control is carried out on the origin and quality of the products

Our feathers and downs are assorted into wooden boxes; it’s reminiscent of an apothecary, each section containing the special collection to make our cushions what they are, a blend of science and emotional connection.

Size and weight differentiate each cabinet, from large to small; behind all of this lies a mechanical procedure, regulating airflow in each segment.


A blend of science and emotional connection.

A pillow is not just a pillow

What is the secret for a perfect pillow? The ideal pillow must be able to welcome and comfort the guest without changing its shape. Precisely for this reason we have designed a pillow with different compartments, each of them contains the same amount of feathers. In this way feathers have a limited movement and the overall shape of the cushion does not changed even after several uses. So we can say that there is a real obsession in the research of efficient solutions that guarantee comfort and quality for each product.

«An excellent product combines softness, support and great tactile feel over time»


Quality in our hands

processo di riempimento di piume e piumini

Filling pillows process

riempimento dei cuscini

Feathers are collected in separate compartments

Il cuscino perfetto

By this way it is possible to guarantee the same shape of the pillow

The Arketipo’s feather

Thanks to the deep knowledge of the material, Arketipo bestsellers, such as Auto-Reverse sofa, are realized. A real masterpiece that is characterized by quality and excellence both in design and in the selection of materials. In fact, for the realization of this sofa only goose feathers of a certain size and type are used.

I prodotti Arketipo Firenze