Gianclaudio – Master of feathers

Un cuscino non è solo un cuscino

Gianclaudio is a real master of feathers. His experience contributes to make Arketipo’s cushions a real sensory experience.

Lavorazione piume e piumini

Gianclaudio: master of feathers

What do you do?

My duty is to give upholstery the same performance, softness and quality of fashion items.


What is Arketipo for you?

A company that won’t stop learning or growing; one that is proud to test and place quality at the heart of the product. Arketipo pushes me to question my own business in a positive way, and impact me in the right way for every project I embark upon.

When thinking about your craft, what do you obsess about?

The raw material. How we select it, treat it, understanding where it comes from and how we can use it impacts our day to day. Is it up to our standards? That’s my obsession.

What is an excellent product made of?

For me, a product that combines softness, support and great tactile feel over time.

How do you achieve perfection?

With a lot of patience and a lot of trial and error.


“You probably think a cushion is just a cushion”

Divisione di piuma e piumino

The silos are particular wooden machines that are more than 8 meters high and 11 meters long which, thanks to an air system that exploits the different specific weight of the elements, allows their separation.


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