Leather: tactile sensations

Our hands make more than 500 gestures daily, but none of these refer to touch. It can take us back in time and make us savor intimate moments of our memories such as the first kiss or the first time we rode a bicycle. And if we talk about tactile sensations, leather certainly plays a role all its own: both in terms of value and elegance.

Over the years we as a society have understood that a sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture that can be found in a home. It combines style and comfort. But a leather sofa, it can be a way to look backwards whilst acknowledging the modern.

Modernity in the old ways

Our partnership with expert leather tanners has led us to look at the modern in a completely different format. Vegetable tanned leather. Taking the years of experience and accumulated knowledge we have between the design of the product and the tactile sensations that only leather can bring, this raising of standards and quality is something that we pride ourselves on.

“Leather is a world to discover and it starts with the different types of conservation, transport, storage, tanning and so on.” – Paolo

Nuance. It’s a word that is used a lot in design, but when you work with leather, it is something that is understood. Knowing how leather reacts, how it works with your product, that requires nuance to the n-th degree.

Imperfect in the perfect

In our aim for perfection we have come to understand that imperfection is part of that equation. Leather is imperfect; by its pure make up, every marking, every distinctive element that separates it from linear is in its way, perfection.

Among the different types of leather, the most valuable is the one called full grain aniline. It is characterized by being devoid of covering finishes thus maintaining the original features of the mantle. Another type of equally prestigious is Nubuck leather, with a slightly rough surface and a very velvety appearance.

Paolo has spent over 25 years discovering the world of leather. His methodology is exacting, his knowledge indispensable.

“The leather selection requires a lot of experience that is acquired over time. The purchase of the raw leather to its preservation, to the purification of water, to the use of oils and how to finish the leather.”

The barrels are what Paolo calls, “the soul of the tannery”. His are lined with iroko wood, a detail that few may never know. It’s the most important element for tanning, the part which you experience when you touch the material and discover what is important in selecting the right piece.

Paolo sat down to talk to us about the art and nuance involved in leather tanning. How we are “more considerate as consumers” and the impact on “the environment” when choosing the right leather product. Let Paolo tell you more about his world and discover why Arketipó is business positioned to carry his vision alongside ours for the most desirable leather sofas.

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