Luciano – Master of colour

Arketipo Intervista Luciano

Luciano describes his own concept of dyeing the bobbins. A special technique which is rooted in nature and its perfect forms. A bond between inspiration and technical execution and inspired with a unique experience that forms a priceless value.

Intervista a Luciano Maestro del colore
Luciano describes his own concept of dyeing the bobbins. A special technique

Luciano: he works on dyeing of bobbins


What do you do and how long have you been working with Arketipo?

Five years. I have spent 40 years of my career in fabric dyeing but the techniques we are focusing on at Arketipo is something I’ve only recently started.

What is Arketipo for you?

A company that pushes you to continuously learn. They are collaborators that are great to work with. I very often work with Martina, someone who asks for what I believe is impossible, then somehow end up giving her what she wants!

When thinking about your craft, what do you obsess about?

The unknown. I am working with chemistry and colour, a complex and unexplored avenue of fabric creation; we have just started scratching the surface. Despite my age, I know I have so many years ahead of me to explore, discover and have fun with this job.

What is an excellent product made of?

A product that makes you smile.

How do you achieve perfection?

You don’t. Only Nature is perfect. That’s why I take inspiration from Nature when i want to come up with new color combinations. Did I show you my tree bark color book?

“Only Nature is perfect

Book entirely dedicated to tree bark. The perfect color combination painted by Nature.
Bobbins made by a particular process called “Space dyeing”, which injects different colours inside the single bobbin through needles. The result is a random effect with different colour shades.