Nordic Philosophy in the Italian Mountains

Nordic Philosophy in the Italian Mountains

“Rigour & Purity” is how our design team understood the brief. Their vision has been an exemplary execution of what it means to create something that rewards nature and the meeting of modern Scandi design with Florentine artisan craftsmanship

Bringing the outside in

Scandi design has been a principle of modernity since the 1970s, pioneering what is the basic form with intriguing break ups of colour and material. The walls, a beautiful warm oak veneer that cover every aspect of the rooms are also asking us to bring the outside in. Nature has a place in this house, and as a design team, we wanted to honour these principles with our own unique twist.

Nature has a place in this house

Starman in the lounge is where we can take the design philosophy of scandi culture, and make it Florentine with our own important ideas; colour. Brown, like the earth where oak sits, brings grounding to a room and it’s geometric forming adds to the modern inspiration that this Bolzano house absorbs with aplomb.

Contrasted with Chimera, a strong glass form; Italian identity punches through the soft scandi voicings to bring us something that is truly a focal point amidst the warm earth tones. And what about the armchair you ask? Bond is intentionally white; like scandi design to make us consider what this house trend is really trying to say, “Scandinavian design can learn from Italian savoir-faire”

Warm colours, the Florentine twist

The mountainous range, the scandinavian geometric inspiration, the rigorous & cultured yet cold nature of this design philosophy and thus, rooms, benefit with Florentine craftsmanship. A theology of design that has always been cultured yet warm with a greater ambiance of eclectic colours and shapes.

A theology of design that has always been cultured yet warm

Look no further than the dark, imposing blue material that we have used on Freedom in the other lounge area. It’s geometry is modern, scandi some would say yet it’s personality, that’s all Florentine. Contrasted with the light grey of Malta, the scandinavian vibe of the room is brought to life with interplay of imposing, warm colours.

Hygge, Italian Style

Ask any student of nordic language and hygge is a word that is used often. “A quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” Think of it as the scandinavian secret of happiness.

What would Italians use for that word? Maybe there just isn’t one; because Italian Hygge is about the form.

An indulgence of style, colour and shape; we find comfort in the imperfect transience of nature, we worship at the temple of natural stone; like that of Prince’s marble top. The contrast with the other natural materials and geometric shape is Italian Hygge; finding a place to put together and enjoy eclectic forms and colour.

Find comfort in the imperfect transience of nature