The poetry of interweaving – An Art which means Made in Italy

Tecnica delle pelle intrecciata

Florence Renaissance: an era between creativity and handcraft


Tuscany has always been the starting point of Italian leather industry, in fact, the famous leather district is located between Pisa and Florence. We usually connect “ Florence Renaissance” with the meaning of handcraft and love for beauty; at the beginning small villages hosted artisan masters and their secret regarding leather production, whereas now they have been transformed into a real craftsmanship masterpiece and they become a symbol of excellence all around the world.

La lavorazione della pelle e del cuoio in toscana

The Interweaving technique



There are many leather works, but the one that better describes Made in Italy concept is the interweaving. Its peculiarity consists in an handmade manufacturing and it begins from the preparation of stripes which could be also in different size (depending on the pattern desired) then, capable hands start the interwoven operation.

Prima si preparano le strisce di pelle

Preparation of leather stripes

Un vero masterpiece dell'artigianato Toscano

The beginning of interwoven work

Cura e dettaglio

The process requires several days of work

Auto-Reverse Dream bed: an outsider project


Arketipo Firenze company has developed a collaboration with artisan masters in to enhance the value of its best-seller: Auto-Reverse Dream bed. Indeed, the new version with headboard cushions made of interwoven leather was created in 2019. This unique and precious work has contributed to make this product not a simple bed, but a real work of art.

Thus, the result is a perfect mix of mastery, patience, and concentration; an interwoven panel enhances the technical skills behind a functional, elegant and timeless product. Finally, we must consider that these panels require several days of work to be accomplished.

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