Think, Escape and Living

If you were to think of the word, chalet, what would be your first thought? The mountains? The skiing/hiking? The vast expanse of nature and how, when staring into the distance we realize just how little we really are? How has James Bond managed to find himself in so many different ones?

For some, that may be where their minds are transported. For others, it is about the chalet. It is about the days and nights spent in what is constructed coziness. Think, wooden walls, log fires, blankets and scenery pouring in from the outside. Think, escape and living.

It is in this reality that we have wanted to showcase something different. That not all chalets need to feel the same, that a chalet can be contemporary and still respect the things that make them special.

Finding the right character actors

The story we tell ourselves about a chalet is that it is a location away from our day-to-day life, yet, people live in the mountains, they live in these wooden constructions that have become synonymous with their own style. A style that is thought of for living, rarely design and yet, there is so much inspiration we can take.

It is in wood and glass where we have become inspired. Because these are materials used daily to customize walls, coverings, and floors, creating a pleasant alternation between rustic and modern style; in a chalet, they are the essential character actors.

Pleasant alternation between rustic and modern style

The outside world needs to be viewed from within a chalet, that is why in our vision of a modern chalet construct, glass allows the world to pour in, “creating a relaxing and exclusive environment

Filling the space

Amongst the warmth of the wood and stillness of the glass, there is a space that needs filling. Contrasting these two materials requires a subtle touch.

Let us start with the couch, no ordinary example either. This is Night Fever by Giuseppe Viganò, a couch that lives to tell a story that is different – like this chalet. A contemporary design that makes you the master of how you want to sit thanks to cushions that can be placed in any arrangement. This really is a sofa that screams of individuality in a set-up that promotes a different way of doing things.

A sofa that screams of individuality

We have chosen chenille blue, a color of great depth, the color of calm, infinity and harmony that blends with the relaxing tones of the earth found in the wood and the outside world that comes through the large glass panes.

A balancing act

Throughout the design our team has thought of creating balance. Balance of old and new, balance of contemporary and classical, and it is here where Oracle, as a dining set, matches the ambiance created by this interior design.

Balance of old and new

Because the base is about balance – those three circles pushing boundaries in physics and design, and the glass top is a reflection of the materials purposely used in the room. The chairs, Emily, a wide seamless construction finished in a soft blue vegetable tanned leather.

Together they bring the design concept into one unified space. Warm wood colours, soft calming blue tones and glass that opens spaces and creates a flow that other materials cannot compete with.