Our History is our Future

For centuries, Florence and its surroundings has attracted everything. The morning coffee, the seasons fashions, our innate sense of style is all derived from their contribution; their personality, vision and trend setting has helped define our own professional work.
We use our new age guides to help us. An age of research and development, an age of instant approval, likes and shares. The ethos of Italian design and culture is released into these new environments; ones our clients across the world share.

Our logo reflects that styling with one important note, Florence in our title. It shows how we still look to our heritage for constantly pivoting to the new.

Perfection is boring

I think we have created something special.
We have spent years and countless hours creating the company that is, Arketipo.
We have Perfection Compulsive Disorder; a culture that is reflected in our nature, our passion, our identity.

Perfection is boring. We should be excited by the chase, not the goal, only then can you view the product with different eyes, another point of view. Perfection can then not exist in the real world, we can get close and that is satisfaction for me, but seeing the signs of a truly handmade design tells you a story greater than the final product ever will.

We are obsessed about details. The absence of detail is sometimes detail in itself, and there is no diktat to the process. It’s something you feel, you see, you breathe, you live.

Lorenzo Cattelan


expect the unexpected

We are the thinkers, the ones who take a structuralist approach. We look at the world, the bigger picture and ask, “how can we make furniture that makes our clients shout, ‘that’s the one!’?”
We’ve spent thirty years working with the best designers, collaborators, taking their backgrounds from other arts, sciences and engineering and asking them to “push themselves, be curious” and “take chances.” We’re not a production line, a laboratory nor a focus group. We’re constantly pushing the rules, making sense of the world and creating the unexpected.
Imagine then not being challenged, not being asked to think about those things?
We can’t.

Crafting experiences, not objects

From the very beginning our mission was: To transform ideas into unique and original items.
Our collaborators, craftsmen and employees have tried new things, it is our ethos that ‘experiences make the product’, not science. By trying, we learn, by experimenting we grow by being courageous, we make memories.
We study, we talk, we identify, we feel different things from the raw materials, what we get is something different, every single time. Where one sees a wood, metal and cloth, we see a craft, a desire to bring a pleasurable endeavour to the soul and delight for years to come.
Arketipo is this.
Craftspeople of experiences, where every idea is considered in its approach.