Carlo Bimbi

Carlo Bimbi
Freedom and trust. CARLO BIMBI

Carlo Bimbi has been working in the field of design for forty years, with a skilful balance of logic and creativity. His intelligent enthusiasm led him to cooperate, at the end of the sixties, with Nizzoli Associati, Gianni Ferrara and Nilo Gioacchini, and then to start the Internotredici studio, with which he was one of the protagonists of Italy: The New Domestic Landscape at the MoMA in New York.Carlo Bimbi has designed, and is designing, for Arketipo, Guzzini, Ciatti, B&B Italia, Zucchetti Rubinetterie. For Segis he designed the Enrico chair, winner of the Roscoe-Awards, and the Blitz chair, which in ’98 won both the Red Dot and the iF Award.He was Design Lecturer at the Institute of Art and the I.S.I.A. in Florence and is currently teaching at the Industrial Design Degree Course at the Faculty of Architecture of that city.

Carlo Bimbi was able to combining important and consolidated materials from tradition to qualify the product and make it original and almost inimitable.

“I can’t quite remember how I heard about Arketipo, or when it was precisely that I started working for them, but what I do recall was that a fellow designer Adriano Piazzesi, he urged me to design armchairs and under-tables, that’s where I began to see, the Arketipo way.”

“In the midst of the boom in furnishing fabrics, we were looking for a product that, going against the tide, could live on its own well-defined image in which the covering was in subordination.”

«Inspiration can be a legacy, Triclinium inspires»

Art & design Arketipo Firenze

Preliminary studies for Triclinium sofa ( 1986 ), design by C. Bimbi

design sofa for Arketipo Firenze

Triclinium, sofa 1986 design by C.Bimbi

Triclinium sofa has the unique vision of an Arketipo design; one that combines materials and functions, one that understands that a room should be lived in and equally admired.

Seat depths alternate, large shelves surround the entire system and the choice of materials like marble for, said shelves and wood for the framing system make it a juxtaposition of hard and soft yet, equally fluffy.

If Triclinium represents the anti-classic, Bimbi’s other stand out design represents the classical. Accademia is a romantic vision that pushed creative freedom and trust.

This is what Carlo Bimbi brings with his designs, something that tests the natural emotions to convey something bigger and deeper.

«I looked to the past, interpreted with contemporary materials and with the spirit of italian rationalism»

Accademia, sofa 1986 design by C.Bimbi