design by Gino Carollo



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It could be that we've forgotten how to use partitions, yet In- Dependent may make us reassume a love for them and the space they capture. This new and unique design looks at overlapping, in sequence materials creating a highly expressive three-dimensional effect. Naturally, partitions are about creating divisions in space, allowing new perspectives and illusions thanks to the mirrored element as part of the material choice. The result? A combination of function and form that reveals new ways to look at your room depending on where you place and use it.
STRUCTURE: MDF veneered Canaletto walnut on both sides, or one side MDF veneered Canaletto walnut and other side glass/mirror "Stopsol" (renowned for its extraordinary aesthetic look).
METAL PARTS: finishes: oxy grey or titanium.

Fixing to the ceiling with the supplied screws.