design by Gino Carollo



We create not only products, but a new lifestyle. GINO CAROLLO


It is easy to get carried away with perfection. The most linear forms, the softest of soft materials, the most perfect circle and so on. But at Arketipo we take pride in the imperfections, sometimes it is what we seek to create something… perfect. Some of our most iconic designs are imperfections. Milestone is championing this with Gino Carollo’ s broken marble design. Where others seek to have the flattest surface, Gino has gone about breaking the marble to form a new design, an imperfection for perfection. An ode to angular design done by breaking rather than cutting. We champion all of our designs; Milestone is no different.
BASE: metal, finishes: titanium or varnished micaceous brown. Metal parts not in view varnished micaceous brown.
TOP: Arabesque Grey, Slate Grey marble, Niveo white, Flamingo quartz or Tangerine onyx marble.