design by Mauro Lipparini



The keyword for me is vitality that is my why. MAURO LIPPARINI


With its silk screened glass tops and irregular shaping metal structure, Rebus is the low table that always wants you to guess and play with structure, form, identity. Characterised by its strange and unique shape, Rebus is the antidote to the normal, what matters is how you see it, how you live with it, how you create your own style. Whether you're taken aback by the base or are stunned by the glass tops, what remains is the structure and form of something that doesn’t compromise yet blends with itself, to create a unique and distinct intertwining style and form. This is Rebus.
STRUCTURE: metal, micaceous brown stained or titanium.
TOP: transparent or smoked silk-screened tempered glass, thickness 8 mm.