design by Mauro Lipparini



The keyword for me is vitality that is my why. MAURO LIPPARINI


Whether you fall in love with the multi-level design approach, the sense of a semi-floating structure or the fact that our designer, Mauro Lipparini has gone about creating a multi platform design approach that takes iconic geometric shapes and turns them into two distinctly versatile items. The first is a console that can be placed across a wall or behind a sofa whilst the purpose constructed secondary table can sit alongside the sofa arm or act as a service table. What makes Elas truly stand out is the fusion of materials, metals and woods, all available in different finishes, all providing unique features that make you take a second, closer look. Elas is a mix of the elegant and functional, exceptional design within a modern uncompromising twist.
STRUCTURE: metal, finishes: black nickel or varnished micaceous brown or oxy grey.
UPPER TOP: wood veneered in moka oak, sucupira or glossy ebony.
LOWER TOP AND SIDES: wood veneered in moka oak, sucupira or mat ebony.