design by Mauro Lipparini



The keyword for me is vitality that is my why. MAURO LIPPARINI


Maybe it's the metallic feet and three-dimensional forms, or maybe it's the zip that brings everything together around the perimeter, or maybe it's that Juno's design is one that always leave you asking questions around how something so small, could be so beautiful? From the contrasting colours and materials to the padding in and around the seat, Juno is a play on what is possible when design and function look at the small details and turn them into the biggest characters. An armchair for all living styles, one for the modern and classic design enthusiasts.
STRUCTURE: rigid polyurethane foam.
SEAT UPHOLSTERY: polyurethane of varied densities (D35 elastic + D35 soft + D35 super soft); outer cover in 100% downproof cotton filled with goose feathers and polyester fibre.
BACK AND ARM UPHOLSTERY: quilted 100% white downproof cotton cover filled with goose feathers and polyester fibre; internal core in expanded polyurethane D21 soft.
FEET: metal, finishes: micaceous brown or titanium.
PRICE CALCULATION: To calculate the total price, please sum the prices of the two columns: A (structure) + B (cushions and upholstered leg buttons) even when the armchair is completely covered with only one fabric or leather.
ONLY COVER PRICE CALCULATION: To calculate the price of the cover, please sum the prices of the two columns: AX (structure) + BX (cushions and complete buttons) even when the cover is only in one fabric or leather.

ATTENTION: The buttons that support the legs are upholstered with the same material as the cushions.
CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: The piping of the cushions (side B) is in the same fabric or leather of side A (structure) so, if the cover is in leather B/3155-3156-3157-3158, there is no cleaning procedure that can be used. For all the other leathers of Arketipo collection the cover can be dry cleaned in specialized laundries. If two fabrics have different cleaning procedures, please follow the most restrictive one.