design by Manzoni e Tapinassi



It’s about good design, a very Italian trait. MANZONI & TAPINASSI


Sofas have always had more than one purpose, but Plat takes that idea as a literal concept and has developed what has always been present on sofa into something more; into something that can enable the lifestyle you yearn. Your living space is forever changing, as you are forever changing, so why not make your furniture be part of it. Plat has developed the concept of using the side or back of a couch and extending that area into something that can be equipped with trays, bookcases and other container elements that accentuate your style and are designed to be in keeping with an ever changing life. The mixture of materials which include tempered glass, stainless steel and glossy ebony showcase not only our knowledge but craftsmanship in every material we manipulate to create, Plat.
STRUCTURE: varnished metal.
FRAME PADDING: non-deformable polyurethane D32PH+D30, covered with synthetic lining.
BACK PADDING: cotton cover filled with goose feathers, with resin foam template D18.
SEAT PADDING: quilted cotton cover filled with goose feathers and resin foam template (D35) with the upper rounded side in memory foam.
SPRINGING: electric-welded net.
SEAT HEIGHT: 37 cm - 39,5 cm with feet h. 8 cm.
FEET: plastic h. 5,5 cm. The height of the foot can be made 8 cm on request, without extra charge.
ACCESSORIES: bookshelves and trays in tempered glass, stainless steel or glossy ebony.
ATTENTION: present version without steel back supports at sight.