design by Manzoni e Tapinassi



It’s about good design, a very Italian trait. MANZONI & TAPINASSI


Sometimes design is a choice between something that strikes at the emotive core and something that has to fill a space, but with Lotus this is a design that compromises in neither camp. If you wanted balanced uniqueness this is the sofa you've dreamt of. A sectional concept by Manzoni & Tapinassi, the units can be combined in several distinct ways, dependent on individual tastes and environment. Soft, round and filled with down padding, the low back looks like it wouldn't suit comfort, yet, it does just the opposite, it accentuates it. What makes Lotus so special though is the attention given to the arms; both the metallic structure that pierces the lines, showing form and conceptual nuance, whilst the patches on the arms are done to your specification. Fabrics or leathers, a simple choice, but one that can bring the most unique flavour to something that brings balance to your design goals.
PADDING: expanded polyurethane of varied densities (D18 + D30); seat padding in expanded polyurethane D35 and memory foam. Outer cover in 100% downproof twilled cotton filled with mixed feathers.
SPRINGING: elastic belts.
FRAME (only for lateral units and sofas): metal, micaceous brown stained or titanium.
FEET: plastic, h. 4 cm.
On request feet can be supplied 2 cm or 4 cm higher without extra charge.
CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: if the patches are covered with leather B/3155 - 3156 - 3157 - 3158, there is no cleaning procedure that can be used. For all the other leathers of Arketipo collection the cover can be dry cleaned in specialized laundries. If two fabrics have different cleaning procedures, please follow the most restrictive one.
PRICE CALCULATION: to calculate the total price of each unit please sum the prices of the two columns: A (cover) + B (patches) even when the patches are in the same fabric or leather of the rest of the cover.

ONLY COVER PRICE CALCULATION: to calculate the price of the only cover, please always sum the prices of the two columns: AX (cover) + BX (patches) even when the patches are in the same fabric or leather of the rest of the cover.