Dainelli Studio

Dainelli Studio
Beauty inspired by the Italian industrial design. DAINELLI STUDIO

Geboren in 1971 in Pisa, hat Leonardo Dainelli sein Diplom in industriellem Design im 1994 bei Accademia Cappiello Firenze erhalten. Er hat sein Beruf als industrieller Designer mit dem Projekt eines neuen Möbel-Brand angefangen. Im 2007 hat er das Studio Dainelli gegründet mit Sitz in einem Bauernhaus von 1600 im Herzen der Toskana.

A husband and wife team, Dainelli studio made up of Leonardo e Marzia Dainelli have been creating leading-edge designs since 2007. Students of the Bauhaus design movement and disciples of modern concepts, they do not shy away from learning from the greats and applying their vision into each and every design.

Since 2013, Leonardo and Marzia have taken their design knowledge and applied this to a wide range of products at Arketipó; their first was the iconic Goldfinger. ‘A versatile armchair with classic features’ resulting in a design that is ‘graceful yet firm, soft yet imposing; a case study of coexistence.”

Goldfinger by Dainelli Studio
Goldfinger by Dainelli studio

Belair armchair; designed by Dainelli Studio

This design theology was introduced into Belair. A chair which is a ‘dialogue, one of oxymorons and sobre simplicity.’ A contrast of materials that create the soft and delicate cradle of an iconic masterpiece.


“Design is a solution for those who want to express their ideas for the world in

With Mayfair, Dainelli Studio’s looked beyond the world we live in today, creating a modern approach to mindful design, placing what matters, comfort, over the self. A masterpiece of movement in design, benefiting from an archilevered movement on the backrest providing superior comfort, and yet when in it is in standard position, it showcases the thought-out unilateral design and exceptional stitching in each cushioned element.



“Design & architecture needs to rethink how we live and work in a social space. Homes need to be an easily transformable place between work and non-work life.”