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Arketipo is proud of presenting the new 2020 Collection, in which reinterpretations of successful products stand out for their innovative design, such Starman Dream bed which is the evolution of the sofa with the same name and the new unit  of Auto-reverse collection, a timeless classic.
The new collection is completed by Bond and Freedom armchairs and Chimera coffee tables.


We have made this video containing the tour in our showroom to tell Arketipo Firenze style through images.

Our Collection

Arketipo Firenze leader in the production of upholstered furniture with a rigorously Made in Italy design. Discover the collections of sofas, armchairs, chairs, beds, tables, coffee tables, sideboards, bookcases, lamps and accessories.


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Starman, design Ludovica + Roberto Palomba 2019

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Gianclaudio – Master of feathers

Gianclaudio is a real master of feathers. His experience contributes to make Arketipo's cushions a real sensory experience. Gianclaudio: master of feathers What do you do? My duty is to give upholstery the same performance, softness and quality of fashion items.   What is Arketipo for you? A company that won’t stop learning or growing;...
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Let’s discover together the special world of feathers through a detailed story to discover the secrets behind a perfect pillow. Feather and down, two different products It is important to specify how, over the years, the Italian language has contributed to misunderstandings about the meaning of the words "feather" and "down". This problem does not...
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Luciano – Master of colour

Luciano describes his own concept of dyeing the bobbins. A special technique which is rooted in nature and its perfect forms. A bond between inspiration and technical execution and inspired with a unique experience that forms a priceless value. Luciano: he works on dyeing of bobbins   What do you do and how long have...
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AUTO-REVERSE – always new, always yours.

Arketipo once again shows great ability in interpreting the trends of the moment, introducing a new element with asymmetrical lines and a contemporary cut, to make Auto-reverse more current and more and more “your Auto-reverse”. The new unit can be used in composition, as shown in the pictures, or it can stand alone, like a...
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BROWN SUGAR – colour, style and details

Furnishing a living room in an original and creative way may appear an arduous task, but with Arketipo style, it won’t take much effort! Sometimes even just an armchair or a “signature” chair are enough to change the look of their surroundings completely. The living room is among Arketipo’s favourites where, by combining its eternally...
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2020 COLLECTION – balance between restyling and originality

Design is a forever changing dichotomy; where spaces come together and objects exemplify a new raison d’etre. It is why this space showcases what design can be; a way that leads to a purposeful creativity and exploration that turn spaces into a new way of thinking and living. This is where our designers get to...
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HayLoft – is not only a dwelling

Hayloft space was found as a derelict commercial and uninhabitable building.  After a two-years reconstruction it became a loft with an extraordinary atmosphere, a cocktail of tradition, history, creativity and originality. Interior design, antiques and art object and the colour choice softened the industrial aspect of the interiors. The heart of the house is beating in a living-room...
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STARMAN – the material revolution

New year, new trends in the design sector. 2020 brings with it a great desire for renewal as well as a return to the genuineness of origins. All this, strictly inspired by total comfort. Delicate and relaxing tonalities are given a new lease of life as more textured and warmer materials emerge, such as dark...
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Classic Blue – Pantone’s colour of the year 2020

Reassuring and capable of soothing the mind, Classic Blue has been named Pantone's Color of the Year 2020. But why did the Pantone Color Institute, which has been showing the fashion and design world the way for over 20 years now, opt for this specific shade? It’s undoubtedly because − like all the colours in...
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MODERN SCULPTORS – The birth of Jupiter

Over the years we have developed many projects, but none convey the power of design through materials quite like Jupiter. The process used to create the shell is unique and makes this chair a veritable work of art! The raw fibreglass sheets are cut, layered and modelled by hand in the mould. A hardening product...
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