Capturing Zen, Italian style

Capturing Zen, Italian style

Every angle of this house has been thought of, every angle. There is a creative interdependence that moves from one room to another, enshrining the ideas that beauty and form can co-exist in a modern, yet soft environment.

This stunning house in Vicenza, a city known for industrious execution whilst balancing a subtle creative theology is the perfect canvas for capturing Zen design.

We chose a colour palette that struck a chord with oriental influences but anchored in Italian principles; grey, white and black. Two contrasts and one unifier, bringing together a design philosophy of east meets west, but with an Italian twist.

Bringing together a design philosophy

Jupiter and Auto-reverse soften and delight the open plan lounge; the mixture of soft fabrics and leather add a layer of comfort that juxtapose with the hard, yet warm walls. Chimera with its smoked glass and never-ending sweeping of lines perfectly sits in this Zen oasis.

Understanding our history

Where would Italy be without the dining table? In this oriental inspiration, our team has cemented every little detail when adding Prince into the dining area. The contrast of the Moon Grey marble with the modern room is auto-reflective; it’s a statement of design in a singular space.

It’s a statement of design

The bedrooms reflect more of what it means to combine soft and hard. Glass, often allowing us to look from the outside is reversed to make us look inwards. Starman Dream & Windsor Dream are enveloped by the vitro-perspective yet, their soft luxury calms the opposing emotions.

It is in the detail

All of these rooms do not lack detail; they thrive on it. The use of Stijl, a mixture of materials that rewards wood – important in both cultures; Freedom that takes the idea of floating structures and pairs it with soft, Italian leather – again, a mixture of culture by sheer coincidence or is it design?

The straight, contoured lines of the walls, the piercing dark paint that breaks up each room, the use of textures to break up monotony; we have created something that is a new philosophy, Italian meets Orient. Two design concepts that play on each other’s strengths.

Italian meets Orient