Music meets design – How a Rock’n’roll sofa is born

La musica incontra il Design. Come nasce un divano Rock'nroll

Music plays an essential role for all of us: it stimulates our emotions, it enriches our creativity and balances our mood. In all times, music has inspired artists and design luminaries.

Music influences in arts


Lots of 20th art pioneers benefited the most from music trends to create their work: Kandinsky structured his artistic grammar taking inspiration from Shӧmberg’s deconstructed music; the innovative New York jazz style inspired Matisse’s creations. Brodway Boggie Woogie is nevertheless the most emblematic case: it is one of Piet Mondriani’s paintings, with the liveliness of the boogie style in its asymmetrical lines and bright colors that remind of the New York evening lights.

la musica incontra il design

Mondrian. Brodway Boggie Woogie ( 1942-43).

Music meets Design

How can we identify these artistic combinations in the design world?

The way music match design


The Starman sofa (designed by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba) has certainly rock inspiration, with its sculptural lines leaving the traditional mold exactly as David Bowie tried to find his own music style. Expressiveness, soft and yet decisive lines characterize the Starman collection.




Expressiveness, soft and yet decisive lines characterize the Starman collection

Let us consider a unique designer, Mister Giuseppe Viganò. In his Night Fever sofa, he transferred the expressive grit of the famous Bee Gees song. The result? A composition that can be easily customized, which triggers off dance vibes.


Being an eclectic man with so many ideas, Viganò paid tribute also to the evergreen Pink Floyd band realizing the Crazy Diamond sofa, a product that nods to the kaleidoscopic style of the band through its sinuous lines. Mauro Lipparini’s Final Cut side table has rock inspiration too: the designer paid homage to the Pink Floyd giving the same name of the famous song.

Brown sugar from Rolling Stones


We cannot complete our music-architecture journey neglecting the Brown Sugar sofa, which demonstrates how simplicity can convey strength and originality at the same time. In the music history, the Rolling Stones tarnished a very incisive piece through a stinging text, yet with a simply and catchy melody; so did Mauro Lipparini with his design bold element.