design by Manzoni e Tapinassi



It’s about good design, a very Italian trait. MANZONI & TAPINASSI


Taking the concept of the classical with its original design, Manzoni & Tapinassi have created a more streamlined version that makes no excuses for what refinement in a series can be. Whilst the original brings about the whole interior living ideology to one area, Glory console is more to do with balancing experiences and finding a lighter, softer approach to a new design suite. In keeping with the original, thin tops and almost ethereal legs feature heavily whilst the structure is supported with streamlined, intersecting rods from each corner. Coupled with a half and half solution, drawer one side (covered with leather Leonardo) and a shelf on the other, Glory console is about using the classical styles of the past to create something new for today's digital world
TOP AND STRUCTURE: MDF veneered in moka oak or sucupira.
METAL PARTS IN VIEW: metal, micaceous brown stained, titanium or brass galvanized.
DOORS: wood covered with leather Pelle Leonardo.